Training Center "Software Center" SRL is providing certified courses on behalf of 

Certificated Partners with Learning Competency (CPLS) based on Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) and other courses.

We offer courses that improve the theoretical and practical skills in Microsoft technologies. These courses are recommended as preparation materials for Microsoft Certification.
The Training Center provides courses for systems administrators (IT Pro) and for users (End User) in Romanian/Russian language.
Courses are presented by trainers with current certification. As a rule, we bring examples from our own experience of technologies implementation and administration.
We plan our classes according to the recommended time table (9:00-18:00). Optionally, the established time table can be change to more flexible hours (14:00-18:00). We have the possibility to train up to 9 students in the same class. If the client can offer all the required conditions for MOC (class room, computers, projector, etc.) courses can be held at the client's site.
After the successful course completion the trainees are receiving a Certificate and training materials. As well, trainees are required to help for the trainers performance improving by filling out the Student Evaluation form.
About Microsoft certifications read documents from our library and
- Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE),
- Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA),
- Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP),
- Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS),
- Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT),
- Learning catalog,



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